Klostermühle Bible School Guest Students

Become a Guest Student

Our so called Taster Weeks give you the chance to experience our daily routine at Bible School, to take part in our lectures and get a taste of our students' lives and their activities. The Taster Weeks start on Sundays with coffee at 15:30 and end on Fridays at 13:00 after lunch.

Our current prices for Taster Weeks

Multi-bed room without shower/toilet 250,00 €
Multi-bed room with shower/toilet 275,00 €
Room with 2 persons per room without shower/bathroom 275,00 €
Room with 2 persons per room with shower/bathroom 300,00 €
Room with one person/room without shower/bathroom 290,00 €
Room with one person per room and shower/bathroom 315,00 €
Pupil, students and people without income 170,00 €


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