Bible School for Families

We are delighted that so many families have found their way to our Bible School over the last years. Often young families come here wanting to refocus on their spiritual life and to explore what God has planned for their family in the (near) future. Alternatively some families are looking for a hiatus from their current routine and decide to spend their parental leave here, focusing on God and their family. On the other hand, some families use this time for a specific purpose, such as preparing themselves spiritually for missionary work abroad.

We believe that families enrich the community life at Klostermühle. It's wonderful for children to have so many "older siblings", for parents to know that their children are experiencing life in a Christian enviroment, and for the Bible School students to experience first hand what it means to have a family and to raise children.

How does it work?
There are various possibilities for children of every age. Small children can play in the kids area during lectures and the parent supervising can watch the lectures that are transmitted live to a television screen in the kids area. Older children can attend the Kindergarten in Nassau. In the afternoon, they can make use of the garden and sandpit, the swings by the sports pitch or the sportsroom. Balls, swings, toys for the sandpit and Bobbycars are available. Childrens' bicycles can be stored in our bicycle garage. Additionally, there is a large playground in Obernhof with slides, a roundabout, swings, lots of space to run around in, and more.

What about school age children?
This can be a little trickier. It's usually not a problem if children spend the whole school year here. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate families for the entire school year as we require rooms for guests that attend the holidays after Bible School ends. In this instance, we recommend that you find rented accommodation for this period e.g. before and after Bible School. If you need any assistance looking for a place to live, we are happy to help.

Where do families live?
A small apartment with 2 rooms and a bathroom is available for one family. Should more families attend the Bible School, there are rooms next door to each other with a bahtroom on the same floor. It is possible to have breakfast earlier than the other students. Additionally, there is a small kitchen with a kettle, microwave and fridge available for the preparation and storage of baby food. There are plenty of high chairs available for use.

For more information about fees for families, you are welcome to contact our Bible School principal. We recommend that your family visits Klostermühle before applying, so that you learn more about the options for childcare, shopping and healthcare.